The Pain that is Real Housewives of Orange County

I’ve only seen a handful of Bravo’s Real Housewives of Orange County episodes over the years. Today I watched a few and was reminded of why I don’t watch this show.

While many devoted fans of the Real Housewives franchise watch these shows for the “sexy, smart, funny, stylish ladies”, I am most drawn to the relational dynamics between the cast.

The relationship dynamics of RHOC sadden, madden and turn me off. Too much snobbery, not enough brains or heart, and I’d take heart over brains any day.


For starters, queen bee Vicki Gunvalson is a barracuda I would not want to tangle with. She is the type of person to throw such vicious hissy fits that people dealing with her end up giving in to her demands to either a) shut her up, and/or b) to not get slaughtered by her.


Vicki is very rough around the edges and is quick to see or create the worst in people or situations, which then turn into self fulfilling prophecies. It is no surprise that she has problems with close female relationships and is at odds with at least one if not most of the women on the show at any given time.

Apparently at present, Vicki is in a fight with Tamra, who is usually her bestie. And it looks like airheaded Lydia is going to try and get them to make up.


When I first saw Lydia I thought she was sweet albeit not the brightest flower in the garden. Which is okay since I take heart over brains any day.

But watching Lydia interact with Shannon and Tamra at Tamra’s granddaughter’s birthday party over Shannon’s (rightfully) taking offense over how Lydia declared that she (Shannon) and Vicki were acting similarly (after barely interacting with Shannon and having never met her before), showcased just how clueless Lydia is.

Lydia proved she is unable to hear and process what someone is saying and instead reacts to tone and makes knee jerk assumptions about things she knows nothing about.

When Shannon tried to calmly albeit passionately explain to Lydia the complex and heated situation that Lydia was making off the cuff declarations about and knowing very little about, Lydia took none of Shannon’s words in and instead sized up and perceived Shannon’s side of the convo as hostile, “yelling” and all sorts of ridiculous dramatic crap.

Oy vey. This show is a sad example of how not to interact with people.

Heather Dubrow is the only decent woman of this cast who has a good head on her shoulders and who even barracuda Vicki respects and does not mess with.


The final nail in my coffin of RHOC disgust and disappointment was a preview of Shannon Beador’s upcoming weight loss journey which showed her in tears over the weight she recently gained.

Shannon Beador Weight_RHOC

Shannon is beautiful inside AND out, and her allegedly “fat” body is gorgeous, voluptuous and nothing to be ashamed of!

It is maddening how Shannon – like so many other females of all ages – is a victim of our female-hating society which pressures women to look like unattractive sticks with tits.

All in all, a sad end to a sad show that does nothing GOOD for females or those who love them.

That’s it for me on RHOC.

Real Housewives of New York City, on the other hand, is a whole different story and one that I have some heart and passion for.  A synopsis of this show coming soon.

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