Project Runway’s Season 16 Model Size Diversity Brought Tears to My Eyes

I’ve been thirsty for diversity in TV and film forever, but I didn’t realize just how deathly dehydrated for it I was until tears came to my eyes last Thursday, when Heidi Klum announced on the season 16 premiere of Project Runway that for the first time ever, the show’s models ranged in body size from size 2 to 22.

Mind Blown

H a l l e l u j a h!

What’s even more awesome is that Heidi Klum said she has been wanting this to happen for a long time.

Elevating the greatness even more, the judges criticized one designer for trying to “camouflage” one so-called problem area of her curvy model’s body. Heidi and some other judges made it clear that there is nothing on a curvy body in need of hiding or camouflaging.

Right out of the gate, this season is saying loud and proud that bodies of ALL shapes and sizes matter and are to be respected.

Project Runway just proved beyond a reasonable doubt that it is truly on the cutting edge of, and ahead of trendiness our culture. It is shaping and leading our society to have more respect for ourselves and one another, in the hippest of style.

Diversity is not a trend

Diversity is not a trend. It is a timeless fact of life that has been here since human existence. It’s just that the mostly white male-dominated TV and film gatekeepers have stubbornly refused to respect and reflect this reality in the content they put out, until recently.

What makes Project Runway wonderful, besides its interesting and inspiring platform of showing the process of fashion from design concept to execution, are its Executive Producer and host Heidi Klum and mentor-to-the-designers, Tim Gunn.

When the leaders of a TV show have truly good hearts, it elevates the show by adding integrity and a general feel good vibe that is desperately needed in a world of too much harshness and glibness.

Thoughtful, caring leaders of a TV show make for good TV

The result? Love, devotion and a loyal fan base.

Keep up the great work Project Runway! And for any designers (on the show or in the world) who bitch, moan, whine or throw a hissy fit over having to design for plus-average-sized models: Wake up, respect reality, learn how to work WITH women’s curves (and the vast diversity of body shapes and sizes period), or step out of the way dollface.

There are many hungry designers who embrace body diversity, are mega talented in creating looks for all shapes and sizes, and are ready to prove themselves in the fashion world.

As Heidi famously says every season on Project Runway:

One day you’re in, and the next day you’re out.

A word to the wise: Designers of today and tomorrow, your chances of getting in and staying in will be a lot higher if you Respect and Reflect Life in its infinite, awesome diversity.

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