90 Day Fiancé’s Anfisa & Jorge: Putting the Fatal into ‘Femme Fatale’

While I can’t quite figure out if just some or ALL of TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé reality show is fake, what I do know for sure is that season 4’s 20-year old Russian bride Anfisa is a stone cold femme fatale who was selling herself to the highest bidder.

She is C O L D

I too am Russian, so I can attest to the fact that this kind of coldness is in large part, a cultural thing. While there are some warm, kind Russian folks out there, there are far more cold, harsh, judgmental ones. It’s a harsh culture with a tough history, though that is no excuse to be an a-hole. But I digress.

He is Delusional

26 year-old American Jorge was leading with his penis when he saw 20 year-old Anfisa’s picture on Instagram a cam girl site (i.e. websites where viewers pay females to do porny things). He messaged her a few times but she ignored him. It wasn’t until he told her he was rich that she messaged him back with interest. Jorge thought he was in love.

She expects a monthly allowance of US$10,000

The couple proceeded to go on a few vacations – funded by Jorge – and a few months into their dating, Anfisa agreed to marry him. Anfisa said from the very beginning that she told Jorge she expected to be “taken care of.” Her definition of this was an allowance of US$10,000 per month and the ability to buy anything she wanted at any time (the girl had expensive taste and spent TONS).

Attraction is not Love. Lather, Rinse, Repeat this Message

If Jorge couldn’t handle it, Anfisa blankly told the camera “too bad, not my problem.” Words of any loving, supportive wife no doubt.

Upon arriving in California on the 90 Day K-1 (Fiance) Visa, Anfisa soon learned that Jorge wasn’t as rich as he claimed, and that he even had some debt. Anfisa accused Jorge of lying to her and demanded to get a post-nuptial agreement so that she wouldn’t be responsible for any of his debt as his spouse.

His debt didn’t stop her from driving him deeper into debt

Throughout the show Anfisa reveals herself to be very cruel, immature, and extremely selfish in her treatment of Jorge.

There were two instances caught on camera of Anfisa physically assaulting Jorge, and other instances of her destroying his property (e.g. breaking multiple cell phones, keying his car with the word ‘IDIOT’ and disconnecting his phone plan).

Jorge revealed to his concerned older sister Lourdes that he was scared of Anfisa and that he felt like he couldn’t be himself around her. These are telltale signs of an abusive relationship. Despite these red flags, Jorge went ahead with the marriage.

Telltale signs of an abusive relationship

Indeed Anfisa was always transparent about the fact that she was only with Jorge for his money and would be gone if he had none. Her “honesty” does not make her a good person, and her values demands are nothing to respect.

In response to the online backlash against her, Anfisa counters that if she was “fat and ugly,” Jorge wouldn’t be interested in her. So to her it is a mutually beneficial, shallow transaction. That is also the essence of prostitution – women trade sex for money with men who they would never otherwise look twice at, let alone date or marry.

Prostitution: Men buying females who have zero desire for them

The price wasn’t right, so Anfisa kicked Jorge to the curb and they are now divorced. Shocking.

Perhaps both Anfisa and Jorge temporarily got what they wanted, though one can’t help but feel bad for the way Jorge was used and abused. But Jorge is a grown man. If he was deluded enough to think that Anfisa had ever, or would ever love him, then how badly can one feel for him?

When the truth is too painful or embarassing, some people choose to ignore or deny it.


The bottom line is that Jorge bought himself a prostitute. This is not a new phenomenon. MANY men with money mistake this for power and the power of their dollar, coupled with their shallowness, drives them to buy women who would otherwise never look twice at them.

Rather than consider dating women like THEM in the looks category, which could lead to a very happy life, men who buy women do so from their ego (deep down, a low self worth), to show others the prize on their arm, which is where the notion of a “trophy wife” comes from.

What Jorge failed to see, and will hopefully learn one day, is that rather than chasing fantasy images of unrealistic beauty standards and zero compatibility, if he were to just give an average female a chance who is from the same looks category as him, he could have a most fulfilling, LOVING, mutually respectful and meaningful relationship.

Anfisa wasn’t wholly to blame either (nor was she that far off Jorge’s looks category). She is just an empty-headed (and cold-hearted) product of a culture that reduces females to objects to be consumed and quickly discarded for the next new, shiny trophy. She spends all her mental and physical energy on her looks and waits for the right price for the selling.

For the Anfisa’s of the world reading this, please know that all females, including you, are worth SO much more than your bodies and looks! Use your BRAINS, apply them to your interests, develop some talents based on your interests, and do something for yourself so you never have to depend on anyone.

Don’t think you won’t be upgraded for a newer, shinier model when your new car scent wears off.

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